Value Creation and Enhanced Pricing:
Increase Profits through Right Customer Value Pricing


Gautam Mahajan, President, Customer Value Foundation

The workshop is conducted by Mr. Gautam Mahajan, President of Customer Value Foundation and the leading global thought leader in Total Customer Value Management. Mr Mahajan worked for a Fortune 50 company in the USA for 17 years and had hand-on experience in consulting, training of leaders, professionals, managers and CEOs from numerous MNCs and local conglomerates like Tata, Birla and Godrej groups. He is also the author of widely acclaimed books “Total Customer Value Management: Transforming Business Thinking” (Business Books from SAGE, 2011) and “Customer Value Investment: Formula for Sustained Business Success” (Response Books from SAGE, 2007).

Gautam was President, of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, and was Chairman, PlastIndia Committee, Vice President All India Plastics Manufacturers Association, Trustee Plastics Institute of America. He was a member of the US India think tank. He was Chairman of the US India Economics Relations Forum. Among his honors is a Fellowship from Harvard Business School and Illinois Institute of Technology. He also has 18 US patents. He was honored by the Illinois Institute of Technology with its Distinguished Alumni award in 2001. Recently, he spoke at the Center for American and International Law in Dallas to an audience of 35 countries on India, and at Berlin in 2006 at the European Fine Chemicals Conference, and in 2011 in New York, Akron, Columbus, Denver, Chicago and California. He spoke to CEO’s from 26 European companies in 2008. He was written up in the Wall Street Journal. He also gave the first Distinguished Engineering lecture at Illinois followed by a Distinguished Management lecture. In September 2011, he spent time in the US talking about Indo-US relations and how to improve them.

He is a graduate of IIT Madras, where he was an Institute Merit Scholar, has a Master’s degree in Mechanics and has completed his PhD coursework from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Suffolk University.

How do you get the best price and be valued by your customers? Using Customer Value is a way of getting better pricing. You get to pricing excellence where the customer says you are higher priced but we wish to do business with you. Pricing changes have the most profound changes on profits. A 1% increase in price can multiply the profit margin 10-fold.

This workshop covers how to measure value, how to price based on what the customer values, understand what the customer is willing to pay for and then price accordingly. Participants in this workshop will become more price savvy, going beyond an industry pricing strategy, a product/market price strategy, and a transactional strategy to a Customer Value pricing strategy. We will build the Customer waterfall of needs, and the price waterfall, and price perceptions, and the importance of non-price factors in the pricing equation.

We will discuss how to take advantage of “other factors” in pricing and wallet share. We will use a workshop for this and how to measure value and use it for pricing.

Example of Customer value Pricing used by leading companies will be used and the participants will apply this for their companies and products. Equipped with this specialized knowledge, they will be able to gain competitive advantage, a Customer, price, and profit advantage.

Attendees will learn:

  • What Customer Value is and why manage it
  • How to measure it
  • How to use value to create prices
  • How to create value and sell on that basis
  • Learn that every part of your offering has a price associated with it and what the customer is willing to pay and why, and why are non-price terms important
  • How to use the learning’s in your business


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