Pricing Experts Track

Prepare Your Pricing for Change



Navdeep S. Sodhi, Managing Director, Six Sigma Pricing

Disruptions in the external environment are inevitable, but companies may also opt for innovation in the interest of growth. The pressure to protect profits pushes companies into strategic initiatives, but they often find that pricing execution becomes a bottleneck. Whether it is about exploring new markets, mergers or acquisitions, costrelated layoffs or reorganization, or deployment of breakthrough technology, companies can face unexpected challenges that impact price. Rather than yield price control, companies can prepare to protect revenues and profits by following a four-step approach – Assess, Analyze, Recommend, and Train (in short, AART) – which should precede any major company initiative.

We will discuss that prices and profits of a company are dependent not only on external causes, but also on their internal operations, and the tools that can be applied in the AART framework along with real examples.

Attendees will learn:

  • Disentangle pricing challenges to start addressing them — Strategy versus Execution
  • Assess challenges and explain gaps in perceptions of different stakeholders
  • Analyze to show the source and size of challenges
  • Recommend a prioritized improvement plan inside the company to improve speed and trust
  • Train for building a shared appreciation of pricing at large and of possible solutions

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