Pricing Experts Track

Pricing & Sales: From Rivals to Allies



Reuben Swartz, President, Mimiran, LLC

It’s no secret that sales and pricing teams see the world differently. The tension between revenue and margin, closing and consistency, and empowerment and control can lead to a less-than-ideal relationship. Unfortunately, many of the efforts of the pricing team, no matter how well-intentioned, further strain the relationship and reduce both pricing and sales effectiveness. Whether you are tired of butting heads with sales and wonder why we can’t all just get along, or if you want to make a healthy relationship with sales even better, this talk is a must for the B2B pricer. This talk brings examples from over a decade in pricing to highlight.

Attendees will learn:

  • How pricing gets the nickname “sales prevention department”
  • Why so much of the pricing team’s efforts are wasted because of a poor relationship with sales
  • How pricing can become a valued asset for sales
  • How to make pricing software projects successful (and why you can’t do it without making it a win for sales)

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