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VOC and Pricing Strategies for Superior Value Capture



Ralf Drews, CEO & President, Dräger

Before Ralf Drews became the CEO and President of Dräger Safety in North America in 2008, he was in charge of Dräger’s global R&D team. In this role, Drews was responsible for the technology and product development for Dräger’s global product portfolio. He also created and deployed Dräger’s innovation processes, covering the phases from “product idea to execution.” Drews holds 11 international patents, some of them lead to breakthrough innovation. He has been a speaker at the University of Aachen in Germany, and is certified EFQM Reviewer (European Foundation of Quality Management). In his current role as CEO and as a member of Dräger’s Top Management team, Drews has learned to connect value from innovation with powerful pricing. Drews supports the development of Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania as member of the “Pittsburgh Regional Alliance”.

In this presentation, Ralf Drews will present a best-in-class summary on how voice-of-the customer strategy can be strongly related to pricing strategies leading to superior results. Dräger Safety has developed a proprietary methodology called Customer Process Monitoring, in which pricing has taken a critical role in the front and at the end of the new product development process. Ralf Drews will introduce this methodology at a high level and will highlight the interconnection between VOC methods and pricing programs. Finally, a case study for a new product introduced in 2009 will be presented to demonstrate this strong interdependency, as well as the role of pricing teams in this methodology.

Attendees will learn:

  • About the criticality of the pricing function in firms
  • How VOC strategies and pricing strategies are closely related
  • Best-in-class VOC methods and how to include price up front in the innovation pipeline

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