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Organizational Confidence in Pricing: An Academic and Practical Exploration



Stephan Liozu, CPP, President & CEO, ARDEX Americas

Stephan Liozu, CPP leads the Aliquippa headquartered manufacturing business which has been serving customers in North, Central and South America for more than 30 years.

Stephan’s executive specialty is the design of innovative and differentiated business strategies for industrial firms, and the implementation of advanced value-based pricing strategies. He is pursuing a doctoral degree in this niche from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western University, and since 2001 has been a visiting professor at universities in Toulouse, France, teaching “International B2B Pricing Strategies” and “Innovative Strategies in Industrial Markets” and “Leadership Development” to master’s degree students.

Stephan holds an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland State University (1991), a European Master degree from Toulouse IAE School of Management in France with a major in Innovation Management (2005) and attended The General Management Program (TGMP) at Harvard Business School (2005). He earned a Six Sigma Green Belt in 2007 and achieved the Certified Pricing Professional designation from the Professional Pricing Society in 2009. 12:

Previous research in the area of pricing management, uncovered the importance of organizational confidence in pricing as a critical element of the organizational transformation towards pricing excellence. Pricing confidence was part of our 5 C model identified through qualitative and quantitative research (champions, capabilities, center-led management, change and confidence).

To further explore this confidence construct, we surveyed 507 professionals involved in account and sales management at firms from around the world. We will study the details of this survey and its results during this unique presentation.

In addition, we will review the concept of pricing confidence at the organizational level and will reveal the results of three recent research inquiries on the topic. These results will highlight the importance of pricing confidence on firm performance, as well as practical steps and programs firms can design and implement to boost organization pricing confidence.

Attendees will learn:

  • Organizational factors positively impacting pricing organizational confidence in firms.
  • The impact of pricing confidence at the organizational level on firm performance.
  • Practical tools and programs used by best-in-class pricing organizations to boost organizational confidence in pricing.
  • Dimensions of the newly designed Pricing Confidence Revolution (PCR) concept.

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