Pricing Practitioners Track

The Path to Successful Pricing Software Implementation:
Actionable Plans for Successful Pricing Software Implementation



Lydia DiLiello, Director of Strategic Pricing, Automated Packaging Systems

Pricing software implementation can make or break a company. With so many challenges along the way how do you follow the path to success? What steps can you take to lessen overall risk and guarantee a smooth journey? Will implementing Pricing software address all of your dysfunctional pricing or just add to it? During this session we will explore the keys to a successful implementation from the Discovery phase through the actual Implementation focusing on practical steps. We will review little known tips regarding vendor selection and managing executive expectations. Finally we will concentrate on the one key area that can guarantee a successful software project... Change Management… and why it is so critical to your project’s success.

Attendees will learn:

  • Key steps to successfully implementing pricing software throughout the different phases: Discovery, Mapping, Change Management, Implementation, Value Realization
  • Vendor selection tips & techniques
  • How to guarantee a successful software project

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