1-Day Workshop - May 9th

A Holistic Approach to Effective Price Management



Shruti Kahlon, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting, LLC



Julian Ryu, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting, LLC

Shruti Kahlon is a Senior Manager at Deloitte and a leader within the Pricing Center of Excellence. Over the last ten years, she can helped clients with various margin improvement challenges tied to pricing and profitability management. Her experience spans across manufacturing, consumer business, chemicals and life-sciences industries. She has also guest-lectured at The Wharton School of Business to share her experiences in the field — applying marketing research techniques to solve real-world business problems.

Julian Ryu is a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Pricing and Profitability Management Practice, bringing over 11 years of both industry and consulting experience. Julian’s industry and ensuing consulting career includes work for the consumer business, distribution, and technology sectors. Julian has led several large scale pricing projects in areas including pricing strategy, process design, channel analysis, international expansion, market value determination, and price optimization. Julian has also presented and written on a widerange of pricing topics such as social media, advanced analytics, performance management, and organic growth strategy.

This workshop is targeted at business managers and pricers who want to improve business performance through effective and holistic price management in a B2B environment.

Identifying and executing the right price is one of the most fundamental and critical management functions for B2B companies. But it’s tough to get right. Too high will cost you market share…and sales, too, if your brand is not sufficiently differentiated. Too low will cost you margin, and possibly affect the market’s perception of your brand.

Determining a price structure for your products and services at a point in time cannot solve these challenges – not if your pricing is to drive competitive advantage in a sustained manner. Rather, effective price management requires approaching pricing as an integrated portfolio. During our workshop, we will discuss the six core competencies that drive sustainable pricing excellence for B2B organizations. These consist of:

Pricing Strategy Pricing Technology & Data Management
Price Setting and Advanced Analytics Organizational Alignment
Price Execution Tax and Regulatory Alignment

In the workshop, we will also review case studies of companies that charted their own journeys towards sustainable pricing excellence. You will be given insightful self-assessment instruments that will allow you to generate a high-level business case during the session. You will leave the workshop with action plans for your own business. Our discussion will include a review of the analytical tools and techniques that enable the competencies that drive effective price management.

Attendees will learn:

  • Voice of the Customer Techniques, including focus groups and conjoint analysis
  • Customer Segmentation Models, with an emphasis on price clustering
  • Price Elasticity Modeling, based on historical data and market simulations Core Pricing Analytics including Price Waterfall Analysis and its typical data sources and groupings

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